Staff Augmentation Services

Right Hire Staffing Model from Kepler22!

Kepler22 distinctive staffing model has 3 easy steps to the right person with the right talent at the right time.

  • Staffing Assessment
  • Contractor Selection
  • Performance Management

1. Staffing Assessment

At Kepler22 we understand that each company is unique in its hiring model and each project differs in its size and scope. We assist our clients in prioritizing issues surrounding project plans in order to clarify the staffing needs. We help enhance your project staffing plans by understanding your:

  • Business goals and objectives
  • Organizational structure, roles and culture
  • Key Project initiatives with timelines and deliverables
  • Current staffing structure
  • With Kepler22, it’s about much more than placing an individual, it’s about learning what it takes to ensure your long-term success.

2. Contractor Selection:

We identify the best resource to meet your project requirements. By understanding your needs we have been able to fill 95% of contract positions within three business days or less.

  • Industry-focused Account Teams - Our account teams have specialized experience and sound track records in your specific industry. This allows our recruiters to find the exact resource needed. Our recruiting teams have relationships with the best experts, and can leverage a vast regional, national and international Kepler22 talent pool. This highly focused approach keeps our recruiters well equipped to network among and qualify the best contractors in your industry.
  • Identification and Selection process - Through our in-depth screening and matching process, we can find the exact resourcethat can fitinto your job requirements and corporate culture. Kepler22 focus on your specific job order allows us to identify quality candidates within your vertical market and set up interviews within 24 hours or less.
  • Performance Guarantee - Kepler22 is proven promise of performance, we guarantee success. If the supervisor is not satisfied with the performance of a resource, within the first 15 days of hisservice, the client WILL NOT BE BILLED.

3. Performance Management:

Kepler22 primary focus is to help maximize project results. This is achieved by improving utilization of resources, aligning performance with meeting project objectives and adjusting to changes in project plans. This process ensures success for every client and for each contractor.

  • New Start Orientation– Our performance orientation starts with a comprehensive meeting that is designed to minimize contractor ramp up and increase initial productivity by sharing knowledge of all support services and setting immediate expectations between - the client, the contractor and Kepler22.
  • Performance Review – A weekly review is setup till the contractor achieves complete adaptability to his role! If issues or concerns are identified during the review, an action plan is created and follow-up procedures are put in place to guarantee continued success. By making this program a continuous, quick and efficient part of our service, you will receive tremendous value in maximizing contractor results.
  • Skill Up gradation - We ensure that the contractor is always up-to-date in his area of expertise. We partner with the Industry leaders in various technologies to ensure that our consultants are constantly trained and certified and their talent stays CURRENT.
  • Contract Closeout - At the end of each contractor’s assignment we review to ensure all final objectives have been met, appropriate documentation and knowledge transfer to your staff has taken place along with the proper return of client equipment and confidential information.
  • Post Contract Support – We ensure will arrange that you get support from the contractor for the roles performed during his contract tenure.

ERP Implementation Services

SAP Development, Integration and Support

Our SAP implementation services include both functional as well as technical expertise as captured in the summary below.

  • Human Capital Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financials
  • Net Weaver
  • Technical services

Functional services

We have expertise in all of the following functional areas:

Human Capital Management – With attrition rates going higher every day, improving the existing employee's capability and job satisfaction is very important. Fusing the new web technologies and the solid R/3 functionalities, HCM has become a very comprehensive tool to improve employee productivity and job satisfaction, thus giving the Client the capability to retain the top achievers.

Areas we offer:
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Development
  • Workforce Deployment
  • Workforce Process Management (including Payroll)
  • End User Delivery (including Manager and Employee Self Service and Microsoft Duet)

Supply Chain Management- Our comprehensive supply chain management offerings address every phase of the supply chain, from design to source to plan to build to distribute.

Areas we offer:
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Procurement and Manufacturing
  • Product Life cycle Management
  • Freight and Logistics

Financial Management –Our Financial Management practice helps organizations to design and implement the financial processes and underlying technologies required to overcome today's most complex business challenges

Areas we offer:
  • Accounts Payables
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Controlling
  • Asset Management and Treasury
  • Risk Management
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Solution

BI Analytics Services

Business Transformation with Creative BI and Business Analytics solutions

The need for Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions is more immediate now than ever before. While processes did become faster and leaner, enterprises also ended up accumulating large volumes of data. The objective now is : we need to make the best use of all the data in our company so that our employees can take those decisions that will help us execute our business strategy. And today with the explosion of social media and the proliferation of smart mobile devices, data volumes are growing faster than ever presenting a plethora of opportunities for enterprises to grow through cutting edge BI and Analytics.

Business Challenges

In the absence of an effective BI and Analytics strategy, organizations will continue to struggle to get customers and keep customers as they will experience a variety of challenges like:

  • Lost sales
  • Unpredictable costs of customer acquisition
  • Maverick spends
  • Reduced customer service levels
  • Delays in closure of financial accounts
  • Production inefficiencies
  • High cost of maintaining IT infrastructure
  • Inefficient dispatch plans, etc.
Center of Excellence

Kepler22 has Centre of Excellence in all popular BI and Business Analytics technologies. These CoEs comprise a centralized group of technical experts trained on the latest technologies, create and maintain a consistent set of standards and best practices, create reusable templates and accelerators, leverage re-usable training kits and provide a steady stream of trained and deployment-ready personnel. Specialist BI technology skills are available in :

  • MS BI
  • Oracle Exalytics SAP Business Objects, BI and BW
  • Others
Kepler22- BI and Business Analytics Technology Expertise
Value Delivered
Access to specialist talent
  • Ready availability of a large pool of technical experts highly trained and experienced on MS BI, SAP BO, BI and BW and SAP HANA.
  • Deep experience in the end-to-end process of reports migration. We can augment and support our customer needs report migration needs
  • Experience in delivering BI solutions to a variety of business functions across industries.
Higher revenues
  • Improved sales performance analysis leading to better product mix, conversion rates and more.
  • Better trade promotion and merchandising.
  • Improved insights into customer trends.
  • Faster time to launch new products.
Improved customer service levels
  • Iterative development provides high visibility during project execution.
  • Detailed VOC analysis on multiple customer touch point factors.
Reduced risk through predictable outcomes
  • Iterative development provides high visibility during project execution.
  • Output based delivery model puts focus on outcomes.

Application Development

Kepler22 Applications Management service offering provides organizations with a flexible set of solutions spanning the entire system life cycle. The key objectives are to help organizations focus on core business issues, reduce costs, improve IT operational efficiency, accelerate time-to-market and free existing staff to focus on mission-critical initiatives. Specific offerings include Applications Enhancement, Applications Maintenance, User Support and Service Management.

Kepler22 can deliver Applications Management services on-site, off-site or offshore, depending on business requirements.

Technology applications are the empowering foundation of your business. They affect competitiveness and enable organizational vitality by delivering information and functionality to key customers, employees and business partners. We offer you a flexible Applications Management service offering to choose from, all delivered across the full continuum of the life cycle.


Increasingly complex applications portfolios, high maintenance costs, and scarce applications support skills can significantly distract attention from competitive issues. Cost management expectations and the continuing need to upgrade applications are driving organizations to explore our Applications Management service offerings.

Our Applications Management clients are realizing tremendous benefits in cost containment, productivity improvements, staff retention and speed to market. Our Applications Management service offering is designed to respond to your challenge of finding, enlightening and retaining the technical talent required managing and enhancing the critical technology applications. The result? Improved efficiency, application value, timeliness and controllable costs.

By utilizing our Applications Management service, organizations will see the following benefits like:

  • Turn escalating, variable costs into planned fixed costs
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Guarantee service quality
  • Free internal resources to focus on the core business and new development initiatives
  • Gain access to Kepler22’s world-class resources, capabilities, methodologies, processes & tools
  • Have Kepler22 assume responsibility for staffing
  • Have the option to shift to an off-site delivery model, using Kepler22’s network of AM centres
  • Share risks etc.

Quality Assurance

Custom Services for Solutions that Work at Kepler22, we realize that your ability to staff a development project may have its unique challenges. Whether you are looking for expertise on a specific subject or a team dedicated to the design and execution of your project, Kepler22 has the resources and talent you require.

Kepler22 offers services in the following areas:

  • ERP Implementation
  • Custom Application Development
  • Internet/Intranet Application Development
  • Software Quality Assurance/Testing
  • Corporate Training
  • Staff Augmentation
  • eBusiness
  • Offshore Outsourcing

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT services, built on more extensive global experience in the IT industry. Our services are flexible by design and span over a wide spectrum of industries and technologies. We will work in close collaboration with you to create practical IT solutions designed to help you achieve your strategic objectives and run your business better and more cost effectively. Because we operate in the local business community, we are fast and flexible in helping you to meet your business requirements and adapt to market changes.

Kepler22 offers a wide range of services to meet your business needs, in the context of today's market challenges. Our seasoned professionals draw on Kepler22 extensive experience to offer you innovative, yet practical and cost-effective solutions to help you achieve your strategic business objectives

we provide high quality services

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